Ever since we learned we were on a planet orbiting a star, we've wanted to know whether we're alone in the cosmos. The Exoplanetarium is the host of an ambitious deep space mission to answer this question by launching the Exoplanet Eye—a self-replicating network of probes capable of surveying neighbouring stars and planetary systems to an unprecedented level of detail. Travelling through the vast undocumented stellar formations of the Mersenne Twister, the Exoplanet Eye will be locating and classifying new planets and searching for traces of alien civilizations.


Tweet @exoplanet_eye with a seed value to identify the star you want to target.

If the star hasn't yet been examined, it will be added to the almanac. If the star is already known, @exoplanet_eye will initiate a search for planetary objects in the star's vicinity.

If you follow @exoplanet_eye, your name will be credited with the discovery of new stars and planets.


@exoplanet_eye will periodically downlink collected results from its targeting and publish them to the almanac.


Current status of the probe network and the entire index of stellar and planetary discoveries is recorded in the Exoplanetarium almanac.